X Creative Director

70% Team-building/management/presentation, 30% Making/execution


Nearly every HUSH project is adventurous and trailblazing so you’re comfortable with “not
knowing” and active problem solving. As a creative director, you love mentoring others and
building powerful teams, setting standards, and delegating first so the team can solve problems
together. You love the process of researching, learning, and teaching to help support team
efforts. You communicate clearly so clients feel comfortable and they get excited for the
possibilities. You are strategic, considering all perspectives. You know complex solutions are
sometimes needed, but you always aim for simplicity. You have a demonstrated history of A+
creative work as it intersects with brand, design, technology and space.

Key Responsibilities

Build and manage staff and freelance design/digital creative teams.
Provide a strong creative point of view and bring clarity to the design/digital process.
Collaborate with strategy, architectural, technology and production teams.
Create and present concepts to clients and express the creative vision for projects.
Assess project scope and collaborate with production and technology groups.
Help evaluate, coordinate and collaborate with a multitude of critical vendors.
Travel as needed for workshops, presentations, site scouts, deliveries, etc.

Team Leadership

Guide teams in initial design phases, through final delivery.
Share knowledge, mentor and educate internal teams.
Conduct regular staff reviews with goals-oriented success metrics.
Constant review of freelance and full-time talent to support and grow team.
Contribute to the standardization and refinement of best practices & templates.
Set team’s daily work goals, monitor progress, and review output.

Client Facing

Work in concert with leadership to understand creative and strategic needs, and help
adapt to changes as they happen.
Provide a proactive and articulate voice during client discussions.
Build trusted relationships with clients by demonstrating empathy and strategic vision.
Presentation of work. Negotiate feedback. Workshop ideas. Find solutions.
Concept and Design:
Research, collect and distill all types of research into usable documentation, references
and guidelines.
Develop creative/strategic briefs, workshops, inspiration sessions to guide team.
Build decks and concept presentations to be collaboratively developed with team.
Execute high level creative aspects of each project to guide the design team.


Semi-annual meetings to review progress across core responsibilities, professional and personal


10+ years design experience in high-paced design agency or corporation
Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent work experience in design or related studies
Demonstrated portfolio of design, digital, UX, storytelling and 3d work
Experience designing “real-world” spaces and places and the processes therein
Proven leadership and management skills
Proven organizational, presentation and communication skills

HUSH is an equal opportunity employer. We enthusiastically support diversity in the workforce.