David Schwarz

David Schwarz is an award-winning creative leader who’s spent his career designing brand experiences that integrate content, interactivity, architecture and technology. David has been featured in numerous publications like Creativity, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, Communication Arts, Cool Hunting, FWA, The Hub, among others. He’s spoken at conferences for AIGA, The One Show, SEGD, SXSW, AdWeek, Cannes Lions, FITC, among others. He is also a mentor at New, Inc., the New Museum’s incubator program for art, technology, and design.

Internally, David focuses on making “space” for creativity. This means cultivating studio environments that foster collaboration and trust, that promote democratic contribution, and generate an open source repository of cultural, stylistic, and technological knowledge to inspire teams.

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Erik Karasyk

Erik Karasyk has pushed the threshold of design and digital experiences for nearly two decades. Throughout his career, he’s balanced creativity and technology with the power of 3D visualization, animation and programmatic rendering techniques. Initially, he rode the digital wave of the late 90’s with key roles at design and production companies like and CHRLX. Soon thereafter, he became a sought after technical director working on award-winning design and digital projects for global brands like Kraft, Acura, Sprint, McDonald’s and Miller. Later, he went in house with Nike’s much celebrated internal brand design group which included work on the (then) top-secret Nike+ concept.

Erik spearheads projects that focus on blending technology, rich visual content, and human-experience. He makes the complicated appear simple, so our clients can capitalize on the power of creative vision.

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