Spring Forward - Limited Edition Print


We wanted to do something positive to usher in the spring season. As the snow thawed, our team headed out to spend a day cleaning up The Harlem River Park in association with the New York Restoration Project to reaffirm our focus on environmentalism and sustainability.


We asked ourselves: could this experience also motivate a special kind of creative project to kick off to the season? As a foundation, we tracked our steps, distance and elevation data on our mobile devices while we worked collaboratively to restore the park to its original (clean) state.


We used this data to parametrically design a limited edition print that juxtaposes our collective data activity in relation to broad sustainability metrics. This creative gift celebrates the start of a new season with focus, appreciation, and awareness.

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“Spring is the time of reawakening and starting anew. This creative act merges our focus on sustainability and our unique design process of humanizing data.”