Adweek “Portrait”

“A design company translates conceptual thinking and marketing strategy into visual experiences.”
By Noreen O’Leary @noreenoleary
November 8, 2012
Photo: Laura Barisonzi Photography

Specs —

Who: Standing; creative partner David Schwarz (left), creative director Jodi Terwilliger. Sitting; creative partner Erik Karasyk (left), head of production Ryan McGrath

What: Design company
Where: Brooklyn offices

Write Up —

HUSH not only heightened the competition on the court at this year’s U.S. Open, it gave Ogilvy & Mather client IBM a competitive edge in showing what it can do with predictive analytics technology and data. Using a 15-foot screen, the design shop created an interactive experience using seven years of grand-slam data to help analyze real-time strategies that players needed to defeat their opponents. It was also a lot of fun: Tennis fans could virtually whack tennis balls, see a geo-tagged Twitter feed that responded to tweets at the Open, check the arrival of the No. 7 train, or order a Spicy Tuna Roll from the food court.`