Our creative culture is built by great people. If you're ready to give and receive, to excite and be excited, come forth and join us!

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Business Development Associate

Motivated, articulate, and client savvy.

Head of Production

You are an inspirational force. You love grappling with complex challenges and mentoring teams.

Senior Designer

Highly motivated, hands-on, with a passion for invention and technology.

Art Director

Full time. Ready to juggle, lead, execute multi-disciplinary design projects.

HTML5 Developers

Seeking freelance HTML5 developers and teams to handle design-rich experiences.

Design/Animation Intern

HUSH is actively seeking an intern with generalist design and animation skills for immediate inclusion to our ever-growing team.

Creative Coder

Understands how to utilize code to generate interactive experiences, animation, imagery, for cross-media platforms.


HUSH seeks talented Designers with proficient knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite.


You’re a beacon of clarity and purpose for your team.