Estée Lauder’s “The Beauty of Night”

Women across the globe can now connect around their shared nighttime beauty rituals with Estée Lauder‘s “The Beauty of Night”, an innovative new worldwide digital experience. The sharp and incandescent online space, created by design agency HUSH, serves as a launch pad for Estée Lauder’s new Advanced Night Repair serum, a product developed by the company’s own scientists to rejuvenate during the nighttime when skin repairs.

Users from diverse backgrounds and cultures will access the global exchange through their desktop, mobile device, or a special out-of-home kiosk, where they can send a personalized message or image to another woman in any part of the world, uniting them by their shared beauty habits. Upon opening the message, the recipient will also find a special offer for a “Beauty of Night” product or service. Each connection is represented by a vibrant interactive data display of a virtual Earth, presenting the worldwide community as bright points of light streaming across the globe, marking the participants and the connections between them.

Launching in early August, “The Beauty of Night” continues Estée Lauder’s innovative approach to the digital beauty space, building upon the brand’s strong social media presence with its first interactive global experience. “Women around the world love and talk passionately about Advanced Night Repair, so we created a digital experience that harnesses this conversation and creates new global connections around nighttime beauty rituals,” notes Estée Lauder Vice President of Digital Marketing Meryl Macune. “The Beauty of Night” global exchange ignites a conversation around these shared experiences, transcending cultures, languages and borders.”

To build this global community, Estée Lauder took its vision to design and experiential agency HUSH, a frequent collaborator with in-depth knowledge of the brand and its skincare portfolio. The two companies worked together to develop “The Beauty of Night” concept, and HUSH tapped its expertise to make a real-time, interactive visualization of the community that was functional, playful, and immediate, while visually representing the Estée Lauder brand and specifically, the New Advanced Night Repair. HUSH also built in real-time translation services and geographic interfaces to circumvent language barriers and build visual connections between these global counterparts, resulting in a wholly inclusive worldwide experience.

“The Advanced Night Repair product has its own legacy that is an amazing testament to Estée Lauder’s scientific approach to nighttime repair,” states HUSH Creative Partner David Schwarz. “The most insightful thing, however, was that every consumer shared in a nightly ritual with this product, and therefore with the Estée Lauder brand. With this huge insight, we sought to construct a campaign that did something incredibly simple: connect these women and create a global community. Once inside “The Beauty of Night” ecosystem, they would be able to focus on a simple expression of their relationship to the night and their relationship to Estée Lauder as the engine of their nighttime ritual.”

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