IBM Project is “Most Contagious 2012”

Taken from the Most Contagious 2012 publication, article “Divine Data / Insight by numbers” published by Contagious Magazine.

“So-called ‘big data’ proved its worth for President Obama, but for brands and marketers the challenge remains of what to measure, how to do it and how to act upon it. According to 2012 research from the Corporate Executive Board, marketers depend on data for just 11% of customer related decisions.”

“…Meanwhile over at Flushing Meadows, as part of its sponsorship of the US Open, the IBM analysts were crunching match stats to offer fans new insights into the strategies of the competing players. The Game Changer Wall was updated in real time to show not only real-time predictions on match out- comes, but also how player performance affected social media sentiment…”

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