New Site: A Manifesto.

What you’re looking at is our brand new site. It represents the massive shift in our brand over the past few years. It is a testament to our team of Renaissance thinkers, and our ideology that everything affects everything, from small experiments to huge collaborations.

HUSH’s growth into a true design agency has been a result of an earnest desire to uphold visual craftsmanship and concepts in a world of turnkey, black box output. We approach every client as an opportunity to learn, to dive into a new business, to experience the buzz of a start-up, or to learn the mechanics of a century-old brand, to flex a new muscle, challenge our clients’ status quo, and to confidently harness the world of visual design and technical tools.

Our site represents this vision.

The goal was to juxtapose high and low, big and small; to place doodles and R&D next to our biggest client projects. To show that making the great stuff, means making the small stuff first. To place the latest news, awards, and talent next to the work we output together. To show our investment in our community, the culture of design, education and mentoring the up-and-comers.

This – all together – is what makes HUSH. We hope you enjoy.