Our team members are hand-picked Renaissance thinkers and makers with multi-disciplinary minds.

Here are a few.

Kari Fry

Office Manager

Kari Fry knows what makes us tick. Effortlessly extroverted since the start, Kari grew up on the outskirts of Indianapolis, spending her summers rowing boats across lakes and catching fireflies under the wide Mid-Western sky.

Kari attended Ball State University in her home state, where she began exploring her love for the human brain with a major in Psychology. Soon her studies led her to London, where she developed her interest for the art of antiquity by day and traversed the London club scene by night.

After graduating, Kari bought a one-way ticket to NYC. She started off in finance administration, before following her love of branding to real estate developer SHVO. That opportunity allowed her to engage in the complex world of urban architecture, providing a window into the way design can be used to market these unique endeavors. She came to HUSH to be closer to that design world, and to tackle these kinds of challenges head-on.

As Office Manager, Kari ensures that our agency runs in tip-top shape. She is enthusiastic about process and the diverse ways in which we communicate, interact, and inspire each other. When she isn’t hiking upstate or mining the vintage stores of the city for hidden gems, you might find her curled up at home watching the extended Lord Of The Rings trilogy, glass of prosecco in hand.


Ivan Safrin

Lead Creative Technologist

Ivan Safrin is a self-taught creative technologist, leveraging the power of technology for bold, creative expression. Growing up in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, he learned how to program on a Soviet clone of a British home computer when he was just a kid. He’s been writing code ever since.

At 14, he moved from Russia to NYC. He chose not to go to university in favor of studying programming and math on his own. He’s always recognized technology’s ever-increasing role in society, and has developed a deep interest in how we shape it, while it simultaneously shapes us.

Before becoming a highly-coveted hired gun, Ivan cut his teeth at digital platform and later as a Senior Developer at R/GA on the Nike account. There, he designed and developed mobile applications, the NIKEiD digital platform, and dynamic product visualizations used across Nike websites, large in-store displays and touch screens. Later, he led a team of developers at Local Projects, creating front-end software for the 9/11 Museum, a custom CAD visualization tool for mapping the 9/11 Memorial Plaza, and created Kinect-based OpenGL interactive experiences. His work has won awards for the One Show, Adweek, the AIGA and has been published in PSFK, Fast Company, Creativity, and Creative Review, among others.

Outside of the commercial world, Ivan teaches Game Programming at NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering. He enjoys guiding students in the understanding of a complex topic while also learning to articulate his own knowledge more clearly. His extra-curricular work goes even deeper, working with notable photographer and commercial director Tim Saccenti designing real-time visual projections that alter Saccenti’s music video sets (Depeche Mode, “Heaven” 2013). He’s been closely involved with the art collective and gallery, Babycastles, with whom he developed a number of installation-based games. One complex networked game even leveraged the stunning physical dome of New York’s Hayden Planetarium. He has a deep interest in geography and mapping and is the technology lead of The Satellite Project – a platform that utilizes satellite imagery to allow users to see the Earth as if from the International Space Station ( And lastly, because other developer frameworks couldn’t possibly contain him, he is the designer and lead developer of Polycode, an open-source framework for creative code (

Ivan lives in a cooperative house in Brooklyn with a close-knit community of 20 people. When he’s not doing all of the above, he also makes electronic music under a secret pseudonym.


Michelle DeCurtis

Client Services Coordinator

Michelle DeCurtis grew up in a sleepy suburb of Westchester County, NY. At 16, she decided to split to attend a tiny international boarding school, one-part United Nations, one-part bizarre social experiment, located in the temperate rainforest of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. That explains a lot.

Tired of the rain, she returned to NYC to attend Barnard College, majoring in Urban Studies and Architecture. Before launching full-tilt into the professional world, she apprenticed on an organic vegetable farm for two seasons. Her first big gig was in the fashion industry, working for the Capsule trade show and their brand consultancy, BPMW. Then she flipped it and went to the brand side of things, repping a handful of emerging womenswear brands. A huge fan of the written word, she then began to craft copy for the digital marketing agency, The JAR Group, and then returned to the wholesale brand world, managing the national channel for design-focused Australian skincare brand, Aesop. Through all of these experiences, her adoration of and interest in tight-knit, unique, creative environments has remained constant.

She loves woodworking, having built benches and table tops for distribution (out of her parent’s garage). A fan of the sweet and the salty, she enjoys ice cream year-round and cured pork products. It’s no wonder that her cat’s name is Pancetta. Meow.


Adam Kruckenberg

Systems Designer

Adam started taking apart VCRs when he was eight. Since then, he’s been obsessed with understanding every piece of technology he can get his hands on.

Growing up, he moved around between tiny towns in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas and was able to achieve some stardom by playing guitar in Goth-casual high school bands. This passion led him to the University of Kansas where he wiped off the makeup in trade for a jazz guitar scholarship. He received his degree in Cultural Anthropology.

With his ears and mind honed, he moved to New York in 2004 to work for Aguilar Amplification, building boutique bass amps, and then worked as an audio engineer both in the studio and in clubs. A self proclaimed Technological Autodidact, he began practicing technology consulting and systems design in earnest at Valiant Technology, then Bit By Bit where he broadened his skills.

Away from the studio, he’s a multi-instrumentalist, producer and tinkerer, even known to make his own guitar effects from scratch. He’s currently working on two EPs and a conceptual collaboration about the phenomenon of pop music. Somewhere after jazz and before IT, he did a stint as a drag/glam rocker who worshipped Brian Eno and left a trail of holographic glitter behind him.

Find him at HUSH leading our technology infrastructure and systems design… Or in the Metal Archives.


David Lehman


David Lehman is a designer and builder of things with a love for Kubrick and Antonioni. He grew up exploring abandoned spaces with the ability to see their potential – be it a tree house or skyscraper.

After studying Environmental Design and Architecture at North Carolina State University, he jumped quickly in the professional world working with PBC+L Architects to design the North Carolina Museum of Art’s 127,000 square foot addition, which was published in Architectural Record. In 2008, upon moving to New York, he collaborated with Alexander Gorlin Architects for projects in Abu Dhabi and Dubai where he worked with developers and urban planners on feasibility studies of their waterfront communities.

Soon he began to explore projects in the commercial and retail realm where his design and production talents dovetailed with his love for the theatrical and emotional. While working with the notable window display and fabrication firm Twoseven, he developed five consecutive national window campaigns for Chanel and refined Twoseven’s own design and production system for the Chanel account. Independently, he collaborated with NYC artist Mary Mattingly to design a parametric architectural centerpiece, as well as developed proposals to retrofit urban farms in Brownsville, NY.

When not building things, he’s jumps between the worlds of nature, cinema and history. Ironically, he’s an avid outdoorsman who you’re as likely to see in a National Park as locked in his apartment watching the entire output of a particular film director.

David is focused on the way technology has enabled us to approach typical design problems in new ways. His instinct is to forego the sheen and techno-glitz in favor of using 3d modeling and parametric tools to develop design solutions with warmth. He’s LEED certified and his work has been published in Architectural Record, Architectural Digest, Dwell and the New York Times.


Paige Kenmore

Associate Producer

Paige Kenmore graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Sport and Entertainment Management. Go Cocks!

Her graduation happened to coincide with the London Olympics. So, with degree in hand she moved to London to help manage the infrastructure and venues for 12 Olympic and Paralympic teams. While managing these huge venues in the midst of the largest sporting event in the world, she lived inside a shipping container with ten others. She must have overheated, because on the last day of the games, she was banned from the entire Olympic grounds for taking a late night dip in main the Olympic pool.

While she didn’t bring home any medals herself, she returned to New York inspired to get into other sorts of competitive endeavors – namely of the film persuasion. She began as a production assistant on set for an Onion News pilot and the feature, The Other Woman. At HUSH she provides critical support for the production and project management teams in juggling complex, fast paced information.

Paige is from Montgomery, Alabama. As a kid, she won the state championship in Tennis, cheered for the Crimson Tide, and fell in love with Patti Smith, Janis Joplin and Stevie Nicks. A woman after our own heart!


Dan Rodriguez

Director of Engagement

Dan Rodriguez has always loved shapes – the rectangles of films, TV, and the browser chrome, and the circles of records, radio dials and CDs. Even more, he’s been passionate about the communities and cultures using those mediums to express themselves visually, sonically and emotionally.

Most recently, he spent several years with creative agency Campfire, leading projects for clients including L’Oréal Paris USA, THQ Games, Cinemax/HBO, A&E Networks, PBS, Food Network and National Geographic Channel. Prior to that, he was developing holistic marketing strategies directly with countless top Grammy Award-winning music and comedy acts – a perfect launching pad after receiving a degree in Communication from Seton Hall.

A real first-generation New Jerseyan, he grew up 10 minutes from Yankee Stadium. He was a punk rock kid, and toured the country with friends’ bands, and also ran the country’s most prestigious college radio station (WSOU). He’s a beer, bourbon and BBQ connoisseur, and he once dropped a camera lens 500 feet into center of the world’s largest satellite dish – despite being incredibly afraid of heights.

Dan joins HUSH as Director of Engagement, bringing with him nearly a decade of client relations experience leading projects for major brands and entertainment properties.


Benjamin Gray

Senior Architectural Designer

Benjamin Gray has spent his career bending the lines between architecture, design and technology. With a degree in architecture from Portland State University and a research studio on urban and architectural systems in Spain, he developed a foundation at the intersection of physical structures and media. He refined those skills while working as an architectural designer for the notable Works Partnership Architecture in Portland where he worked on multiple award winning projects, including a BIA Outstanding Architecture award for the Prototype A tract house, a 2010 PA Award and Architect Magazine feature for the Theater 300b project, and an Architectural Record Design Vanguard award (2010).

Shortly thereafter, he became a partner of RSVR, a visual research firm specializing in light-based installations. Originally, he honed his control of visual imagery as a photographer at Sandbox Studio working for Kenneth Cole, Vans, The North Face, Dr. Martens, Bonfire and Nike, among others. Benjamin has also designed and implemented installation projects for the Push Arts Festival in Seattle, Spaceworks Gallery in Tacoma, and bside6 gallery in Portland, as well as a commissioned installation for Nike at the Summit Music Hall in Denver, CO.

He also gets his hands dirty. He’s a skilled woodworker, metal machinist, model builder and has worked in electronics, robotics and programming. Not surprisingly, he’s also good with a knife. Cooking gyoza is his speciality, in between dehydrating his own fruit roll-ups and beef jerky. He rocks the bake sale.


Eric Alba

Lead Technical Producer

Eric Alba went to Catholic school in New Jersey. Not his cup of tea. He skipped college to go straight to work – at Disneyland.

He worked everything from Pirates of Caribbean, restaurants, to handling backstage events. He even played Chip (the Chipmunk) in a big furry costume. Open to anything and everything, he began to assist the Disneyland photographer Rene Bardeau. He fell in love with film.

Forever a mix of tech and creative, he began in post-production working as an editor/compositor – skills all self-taught. He was asked to put his knowledge to work on iconic TV shows and films like Star Trek. Immediately thereafter, he became a Visual Effects Supervisor working for names such as Fox, NBC, Universal, Paramount, Marvel. Later, he built technical centers for cg/vfx productions around the world – including facilities in Asia used as outsourced production for US companies. Upon his return, he post-produced a documentary mini-series called “Strange Days on Planet Earth” with National Geographic. He was nominated for an Emmy. He lost.

His move to New York was driven by a true interest in Design – how you can start with a white piece of paper and create something from nothing with its own aesthetics, style and meaning. He wanted to unearth the core of this process. Now, he’s worked with virtually every NYC shop as either a Technical Supervisor or Producer. At HUSH, he was the Lead Producer on the Nike “Camp Victory” interactive experience at the Eugene Olympic Trials – a true feat of design and technology.

The work he’s contributed to has been nominated and given Emmys and VES awards. He’s a contributing producer for Stash Magazine. He likes 80s karaoke. And he loves food.


Erik Karasyk


Founding partner Erik Karasyk has been crafting pixels with digital tools capable of harnessing the power of 3D visualization, animation and rendering since 1998. With fifteen years of industry experience mixing creativity and technology, he is an integral part of every complex project created at HUSH.

Karasyk is a native New Yorker and was educated in the arts since attending F. H. LaGuardia High School, made famous by the TV show “Fame.” He went on to graduate from the renowned Digital Animation program at Savannah College of Art and Design. In a timely fashion, Karasyk rode the digital / Internet wave of the late 90’s with key roles at the agency JWT, and design / production companies and Charlex. Soon thereafter, he became a freelance hired gun working on award-winning commercial projects directly with Nike, as well as for A-list brands such as Kraft, Acura, Sprint, McDonalds, and Miller.

At HUSH, Erik spearheads projects that focus on blending technology, rich visual content, and human-experience. He makes the complicated appear simple, so our clients can see the power of their creative vision.


David Schwarz


David Schwarz is an award-winning creative leader and founding partner of HUSH. He’s spent his career designing brand experiences that integrate content, interactivity, architecture and technology. After graduating from Art Center College of Design, he worked for notable creative studios, interactive agencies and design firms in Los Angeles and New York. Since founding HUSH, he has developed numerous projects across sport, luxury, beauty, technology and entertainment categories, most notably: Nike, Sonos, Equinox, Estee Lauder, Google, Ted Baker, Esquire, among others.

Schwarz has been featured in numerous publications like Creativity, AdWeek, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, FWA, The Hub and IdN. He’s spoken at conferences and panels for AIGA, The One Show, SEGD, SXSW, AdWeek, Cannes Lions, FITC, Seattle Interactive Conference, New, Inc., Event Design Summit, Columbia School of Architecture, Digital Dumbo, as well as judged numerous competitions.