Terwilliger Joins HUSH

Following the recent additions of producer Jana Heiss and East Coast sales rep Jake Neske, HUSH is geared up to announce the signing of New York-based designer, director and illustrator Jodi Terwilliger. With this latest addition, HUSH is acquiring an 11-year industry vet who counts JetBlue, VH1, HSBC and music group RFA as former clients.

“When you have a solid class of talent in place, the list of eligible new candidates shrinks, because whoever you bring in has to be as good as who you already have,” noted HUSH Co-Founder/CD David Schwarz. “Jodi, without question, is a talent of that caliber, and one who we are very eager to promote.”

In his decade-plus cranking out top-line work across the spectrum, Terwilliger has won featured spots in books, magazines, and online publications (IdN, Flash In The Can, 72 Dpi Pt 2, among others), as well as slots at major industry festivals. He has shown his minimalistic and experimental artwork at galleries across North America and Europe, splitting his efforts between client-based work and self-initiated art projects. Terwilliger curates a website dedicated to minimalistic art and traditional graphic design called This Is Public Trust, runs a site for self-created experimental work called Some Things Are Black – Some Things Are White, and is a frequent contributor/editor for

“In Jodi, you have an individual who complements his production talents with a broad swath of experience and interests,” stated HUSH co-founder Erik Karasyk. “This makes for more interesting and entertaining work, which inspires further creativity and innovation in the rest of our staff.”

Terwilliger has spent time creating skateboard graphics, video art, and directing under the pseudonym Stefano Dembro. He has also freelanced, co-owned a company called Hired Goons, spent time at Eyeball New York, and worked as a designer at The Diecks Group.

As HUSH continues to stockpile an A-level group of talent, the industry can expect more work like their Webby-honored interactive installation for Infiniti at the Pebble Beach Classic Car Show, a wall-sized interactive touch-screen Prius slot machine for Toyota at the Detroit Auto Show, hyper-designed architectural spaces for Showtime annual SHO House extravaganza, arty animated microsites for General Mills, the NY design pack for D&AD award-winning Granimator iPad app, or their OMMA-winning integrated media experience equally ensconced online and on Times Square billboards for Chicco via McCann Worldgroup.

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